1 port apple laptop thoughts

Why Every New Macbook Needs A Different Goddamn Charger - YouTube


Apple is so backwards lol cue impending flame war

I’m an apple fanboiiiiii :stuck_out_tongue: I got everything apple because i just think they perfect their products by fixing mistakes made by other complaines… Their just top notch. (IMO)

But i wouldnt get this MacBook, it seems targeted for non-technologically advanced people who want portablitity for school, small jobs etc. And the 1 port thing seems like a downside for my purposes atleast. If anything, I hope they make a model like this for the MacBook Pro so I can get more than 1.7 ghz and bigger than the really small 12’ screen.

One thing I really really like is the new keyboard the macbook comes with (I have a keyboard fetish I think lol) I hope they make a new updated keyboard for the iMac so I can hook it up because the design is really nice.

(And for all you people who say macs suck because they like windows better… You can download windows onto your mac with bootcamp BOOOOOM) :stuck_out_tongue:

Mac computers are the worst in functionality and appeal to those only because of their flashy look. If you are a programmer I would suggest getting a Windows computer instead. Mac computers are overpriced, but people still buy it for some reason.

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@gabizou :gun: :gun: shots fired!

Not getting dragged into this flamewar.

There are many people who are misinformed and/or don’t understand enough about either systems/OSes who love to formulate opinions and follow them religiously. Fortunately, I don’t care enough about people’s opinions or brand decisions.

Then again, I don’t even think topics like these should really exist.

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While I’m by no means a fan of Apple, I don’t see why we need to start a flamewar over this, hence I shall be closing the thread in order to prevent such a flamewar. :wink: