3 minecraft questions i want to ask you

  1. what made you play minecraft and why
  2. what devices do you have minecraft on
  3. whats your favourite part about minecraft and why
  1. I started playing minecraft because I had heard of it and was bored.
  2. I only have minecraft for PC
  3. The big community, specifically the modding community :smiley:
  1. I started because I heard some stuff about it on the internet and decided to check it out.
  2. Only for PC
  3. Mods and plugins!
  1. A friend showed me it a couple years ago, and it looked cool so I bought it

  2. PCMasterRace

  3. The cool-headed and innovative part of the community.

Wow me too.
Now I play only to create stuff using mods and for cooding :blush:

Some time I create electronic stuff using redstone (Project Red or RedPower. Vanilla sucks)

Bye, hitech95.

  1. …
    i don’t actually remember. i just found it and played around with it in single player
    until literally 45 minutes into my playthrough where i figured out how to cheat and spawn items.
    (my first cheatsy-doodling in munecrafts was spawning diamond blocks and building a house out of them ;D)
  2. PC. because you know. master race. (hai-faives @DotDash)
  3. the part of the community that isn’t infested with idiots that belong on Xbox Live and a Call Of Duty community. as in no pvp servers. screw pvp servers; nowadays vanilla minecraft’s only fun with an okay community, and there are PvP servers all over the place with numerous amounts of headache-bringing idiots. sadly.

the modding community’s a lot more amusing, and modded servers usually have a great community. people there’re usually trustworthy and collaborative.

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  1. I watched peoples like Skydasmincraft, and Diamond minecart. Got a cracked lancher and played (Let’s make a bedrock house with some redstone coolness) Got full version a few months later when I wanted to get into modding (Modding cracked mc versions hard)

  2. PCMasterRace, Pocket edition (Android), Xbox 360

  3. Modding, without a doubt (I’m on TONS of modding channels on esper)

  1. Mah friend recommended it.
  2. PC, PE + Console sucks
  3. Minigame servers (and plugins!)


1.) Boredom combined with curiosity
2.) PC, Android Phone, & Xbox 360
3.) The freedom to do whatever I want and the mass community backbone keeping it interesting

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  1. Some guy on the internet ages ago?
  2. Who plays mobile? Lol vanilla sux
  3. The modding community
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  1. A friend mentioned he was playing a game that lets you build things similar to legos
  2. 3 systems with PC version, 1 server with 2 minecraft instances (bukkit and vanilla), pocket edition on phone and tablet, raspberry pi edition as well as PC server on the rPi for testing purposes
  3. The ability to not only build anything, but to modify the game itself to add anything we want
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