A Color Code Plugin

Hey can anyone make a plugin that adds color codes to the ones that are already in minecraft?

Simple Tags supports color codes in chat as well as Simple Chat

Don’t think that was what he was asking.
@Chaos_Emperor14 No, this is not possible without mods. The 16 chat colors are hardcoded into Minecraft.

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EssentialsCmds has this feature, though I’d like to request a separate plugin that only adds color codes

How would you do it then? One can’t use the &<symbol> unless the config allows custom symbols… otherwise you could do some sort of BBCode thing.

What syntax do you guys have in mind?

  • Minecraft: &s
  • BBCode: [color=#rrggbb], [color=red]
  • Markdown-like(?): &[red](text), &[#rrggbb](text)

(I’m personally interested in implemeting a markdown formatter, hence the last bullet)


^ :wink: