A Conspiracy Theory!

So… I have a Windows 8.1 laptop, pretty darn fast, it’s decent enough. Now, Google Chrome (made by Google) is much faster that Internet Explorer (Made by Microsoft). Chrome is fast but takes forever to load.


LOL. Dun think so.

You should try google ultron, I hear it’s a million times faster and it’s microsoft approved!


Got to include a link!

It’s because Microsoft ** *** * ** * * * ** * * (Microsoft *. in regex if you like that) is crap.


Chrome has a lot of crap to load the first time it starts but it does keep processes running in the background after you close it so subsequent startups should be much fast. This can also be a bad thing because the background processes do tend to hog a not-so-insignificant amount of system memory.

Is that a virus? :rage:

EDIT: :angry:

No, it’s a joke, all the links go to the actual google chrome page.

The “Download more RAM” didn’t give it away? :stuck_out_tongue:

@RobodudeMC http://downloadmoreram.com/ - Your Mac will be running so much faster!

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My RAM is downloading so excited! Im gonna get like 32 gigs! Gonna have such a pro computer after this! :slight_smile:


I got Google Ultron in pink! Its… got like, unicorns and puppies everywhere!

I use Firefox now.

Oh yeah. I was like: chrome uses 3gib ram, windows 8 uses 3Gib ram (or mostly 1/2 of you ram, doesn’t really mater) and the new Skype update was totally awesome (sarc). Well I ditched windows 8.1 (I got it for free, so what) and went back (I went to windows for school) to ubuntu, using firefox and with the linux skype client where I can read the messages at least.

And I don’t really seems to be affected in Games. I can play:

  • KSP (64bit stable, fuck you windows)
  • portal 1 and 2
  • Minecraft (for now…)
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