A decent Arena API

So hello guys, My name is Kieron Wiltshire and I’m a plugin developer. I’ve been developing Bukkit plugins for a little over 3 years.

I’ve recently come back to the scene and I am happy to see that this project is gaining a lot of traction.

I’ve noticed that minigames are definitely one of the biggest attractions on servers. So instead of creating my own arena loading/creation system I decided to look around for Bukkit. It appears BattleArena looks promising but it doesn’t quite appeal to me as a developer.

I’m looking for some developers to help me design and develop a decent Arena creation and loading API which can be implemented by almost anything. The API will be extremely vague to allow anyone to create abstract arenas quick and easy.

Obviously there is a lot to discuss so message me or reply to this thread if you’re interested.
The project would be developed using the SpongeAPI of course.


I’d be interested in helping out with this.

I’m already making this, I was going to call it ‘Colloseum’

I’ve got a UML design and a ‘Brain’. Can I help out?

Sure, here is what I started developing on top of the Bukkit API. Still needs to be a little more vague though, arenas aren’t as flexible as I’d like them to be and aren’t exactly easy to implement into things like configuration files.

Please message me your github or bitbucket account along with an email or skype.

I might be interested, would you think this plugin might possibly include a per world lobby/game system?

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Probably not, it would simply be an arena loader/roll back system, nothing more. If you wanted to implement a lobby system you could possibly fork it on github and take the plugin in your own direction. Its MIT licensed.

You could always just extend the plugin by adding it as a dependency.

I might. I will see about it.

Here, I’ve started working on it, check it out.

I thing very good is the MobArena. Is easy to configure and has many features. Maybe you can start with it.
I’m looking something like this :slight_smile: