A problem occurred evaluating root project 'SpongeVanilla'

I followed the directions on GitHub - SpongePowered/SpongeVanilla: The SpongeAPI implementation for Vanilla Minecraft. under “Setup” and A: the command is “gradlew”, windows does not recognize it as “gradle” and B: it always fails to install.

Here is the error, please note that [my path] is obviously not the actual path but a sudo one and I do include the relevant parts of the path and it is all stored within the same folder:

Build failed with an exception.

Build file ‘[my path]\build.gradle’ line: 30

What went wrong:
A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘SpongeVanilla’.
Could not read script ‘[my path]\SpongeCommon\gradle\implementation.gradle’ as it does not exist,

My guess is that you forgot the --recursive parameter when cloning, so the submodules were not cloned.

Try running “git submodule update --init --recursive”.


Gradle is for when you have it installed, Gradlew is referring to the wrapper that is in the repo.

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I just copied it as a ZIP to my desktop, could that be the issue?

Yes, if you didn’t clone it properly.

The setup instructions state the following command:
git clone --recursive https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeVanilla.git

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Hi, two things.

First, Markdown ate your <my path> placeholders. Either put them in code blocks, using backticks (recommended) or change them to [my path] style things.

Secondly, to get this properly working, it’s far easier to install Git and clone it, like Simon said.
Grab a copy from http://git-for-windows.github.io/.

In theory you could use zip files but it’s such a pain, and with Git you get… all the benefits of using Git.

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I have github for windows and I will try it when I get home. When using github for windows however, how would I enter the command? I know that sounds like a silly question but I am more or less new to GitHub.

Click the gear in the top right, then ‘Open in Git Shell’.

If you clone it without --recursive, which GitHub does, you need to enter git submodule update --init --recursive in the shell before subprojects will be available.

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