A way to reply to threads without scrolling all the way to the bottom?

Correct me if I am wrong, but is there a way to even reply to a topic without scrolling all the way to the bottom? This is very annoying with huge topics.

If it does not already exist, please add this!

You can click on the number where you are and then click on “bottem” or you could use the End key if i am not mistaken :smile:


Bottom buttom, end key, Shift+R, you can also reply to the original post, to another poster, or click “summarize this topic” which shrinks the whole page so the reply box isn’t so far down.

All the options I could find.

@knagieknagger thanks for the help, works fine, looks like I had some browser addon in the way!

Is there any way to close a thread or prefix it as solved?

I don’t know, only started one thread in discourse so far.

Maybe there is a button or something where you can change the titel of the thread.

Click the pen icon beside the title on the top of the page to edit it :slight_smile:

Edit: Just noticed that doesn’t reply to the thread but to the person who created the thread in the thread.


Yeah, they need to make a fix for that.