Advice with plugins

Hi guys… I have a pixelmon server i have been trying and looking for mods to add to my server but i cant seem to find many here yet… just wondering what others have used and worked great for them… i need something for players to save theirs land and protect. like world guard or factions…

Something to fix the chat, been trying to make permissionsex and no luck my pex file its not converting… so what working mods from sponge do you recommend and why…

Thanks for your time.

Because there aren’t. When Ore (similar to BukkitDev) is released, there’ll be a lot more I’m sure.


so theres nothing to use similar to factions or a world guard to do safezones… or regions

Not yet.

You can use a forge mod that does this along sponge anytime :slight_smile:

so any mod out there that works with forge will work on my server?

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Any plugin that works with the SpongeAPI (assuming you have the Sponge coremod), works with Forge.

You can check Plugin Releases.

Ferus, he’s asking for a forge mod that can prevent/protect griefs, as there currently doesn’t seem to be any sponge plugin which does that :smile:

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Ah, whoops. :frowning:

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lol yeah thats what i need… im sure some other mods might be working as i seen a couple of pixelmon server running fine… if i was to keep the server right now would be plain no mods at all… no commands without even been able to save a home or claim the land. I am in desperate need ever since all the bukkit scenario im out of the game and cant have my server to play with friends.