Advise: testing your plugins in intentionally high-latency environment

A bit of a quick advise.

It is not a secret that when testing plugins on your local PC, it is <1 ms ping environment. I.e. ideal case. You have no idea how plugin will behave when players with high ping will connect, nor how it would look like when there’s a jitter (unstable ping).

Normally in that case, I would just launch a SOCKS5 proxy (such as throttle-proxy), and launch Minecraft client with JVM options telling it to use said proxy, but due to bug, it is not possible.

After long and painful search, I found another option: use free OpenSource software called Clumsy:
With just one button, you can set latency and many other options (“throttle” option can somewhat simulate jitter). Works like a charm. It works only in Windows, though.

P.S. Don’t forget to turn it off after testing. It is affecting your whole PC, not just Minecraft.


You could also host your server on a separate machine and connect it to your switch/router with 14,989 kilometers of optic fibre to get a 50ms delay :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting tool tho…

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