All compatible sponge plugins

Does anyone have a list of forge mods that are compatible with sponge? Even if you have 1 please let me know :smile:

As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any known compatibility issues at all.

There don’t seem to be many mods updated for MC 1.8, so it’s slim pickings. There’s a Forge compatible build of WorldEdit that seems to work, and I’ve had no issues with Plant Megapack, Decoration Megapack, and dev builds of Biomes-o-Plenty on a recent test server. There’s probably more, but a lot of modders seem to be holding out for MC 1.9…


More like holding out for a stable platform.

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So, time for Sponge for 1.6.4?


By the way, is it possible to have mods with custom textures on a sponge server? and maybe even custom blocks, weapons and mobs

Only when you use a forge mod to add those. Sponge for Forge and modded clients are obviously requirements then…
Sponge itself doesn’t support custom content as it doesn’t support sending mods to clients.