All Player can't enter some area

it around 20x20 chunk (in my spawn area = =) if player enter that area character will disappear camera went crazy and can’t move until teleport out of that area

I had try to remove plugin Griefpreventation but it not work

What other mods and plugins have you got on the server?

even i change spawn it help nothing
just that area is bug when enter it will [front view]

can’t move but can break , build block
also delete all claim
anyway to debug the problem ? Thx

There is a way to debug it, but it requires a plugin, unless someone else can think of way to debug without it.

I can create the debug plugin but i wont be around a laptop today (maybe not for a while)

Thx for ur help can you provide any clue about this so i can research myself first

From what it sounds like, it seems like the MoveEntityEvent (or the forge equal) is being cancelled by a plugin without any message.

What my plan is, is to automatically send a message to the console showing all plugins that listen to the sponge version of the event (im assuming there is a way) this will hopefully narrow down the plugin/mod causing the error.

After that i will see what I can do to display the information on what caused the event to cancel. When i sent the original message i had been working with Bukkit which had the handler that allowed you to debug other plugins, sponge doesn’t have it (making it simpler to create events and even listen to multiple events at once)

I try to remove all sponge plugin (Except Spongeforge) It still have this problem

Then it seems to be a mod at fault

I forgot to mention i connect from Bungee (from Lobby)
but when connect from IP it seem fine any fix about this ?

somehow i fixed it Bungee problem maybe Thx for help