[ALPHA] MinecraftCubed - Next-Generation Server and Events List

Hi guys, this will be the official post for introducing a project I’ve been working on for the past year, its currently in alpha stage and I’m looking for some feedback. Its still very much a work in progress.

#MinecraftCubed Server and Events List
Our goal is to provide real value for players who are looking for things to do in the Minecraft ecosystem, and for servers looking to attract these players. As opposed to forcing players to come to the list via voting mechanisms.

So this is our radical approach:

  • No voting (cut the cancer right out)
  • No animated banners (no distractions)
  • No buying spots on the list (real stuff only)

Rich Server Pages

One of the biggest problems with old-style server lists is having the space of a tiny banner to try to convey the feel of your community to prospective players. We have solved this by creating a powerful configuration system server owners can use to configure their server page to match the look and feel of their own community. This includes logo, color scheme, hero carousel with pictures and video, staff list, plugins, modpacks, and mini-games found on the server.

Server page

Configuration system

Plugins, Modpacks, Mini-Games as first-class citizens

We have made Plugins, Modpacks, Mini-Games first-class citizens. This means that each of these contains a picture or video, a description and a link, and can be configured/created by the server owners for their servers. Once added to your server they will be visible from your server page, and searchable by the players from the search page.

Multiple server addresses

in this day and age Minecraft communities are expansive, and are no longer constrained to a single server address. You may have a vanilla server running on one address, and a Pixelmon server running a modpack in another. We have created our system around this fact. Server owners can configure all their server addresses, along with download links for the Modpacks or launchers, and have them all listed under MinecraftCubed server page, ready for players to jump right in.

Open tag system

Server owners can specify tags, that will be searchable by the players, describing what type of Gameplay & Rules players will be able to find on their server (i.e. Protections, City Perks, Anarchy), and what Server Types they will be able to find in their community (i.e. Sponge, Technic, Pixelmon). Existing tags can be chosen or new ones created on the spot.

##Powerful Search Engine
The most important part of any server list is it’s search engine. A good search engine allows a user to explore what is out there, at the same time allows him to narrow down the sea of servers based on what he is looking for. Ours does just that. Our tag dropdowns allow a player to search based on Gameplay & Rules, Server Type, Version, Language, Country, and our first-class citizens: MiniGames, Modpacks, Plugins. Mix and matching the different tags filter the list.

Once the tag is selected, for example SimpleClans plugin, the list changes to show only the servers with that plugin, and the contents of all the tag drop downs change to now only show the items pertaining to the new list. So as you choose more tags, the list and the available tags keep narrowing down, allowing you to zero in to the servers you’re interested in, until only one is listed.

##Smart Server Listing
Just because you can, does not mean you should. Each listing on the server list page contains just information that is pertinent. No useless stats. For each server this is what is available:

  • Players online – The players currently online
  • Peak Players Last 30 Days – The top amount of players online the past 30 days, in other words, the busiest the server has been in the last 30 days.
  • Players Last 24 Hours – A chart showing you the amount of players for the past 24 hours, a visualization of the ebb and flow on the server for the past day.
  • Uptime Last Seven Days – A chart showing the uptime the last seven days, a visualization of the servers stability for the past week.
  • Activity – This is Players Online / Peak Players Last 30 Days, in other words, how active the server is right now compared to the last month. Activity of 100 means the servers is experiencing the highest attendance it has had all month right now, activity of 1 means the opposite.
  • Ping – Press the button to get a client-side ping between your computer and the server. It will ping the server 10 times and give you the lowest value.

Events list

Now the best for last. Not all players are looking to find a new community, sometimes, if not most of the time players are looking for instant action. We have the answer, it’s called the Events List. Events are happenings that start at certain time, for example: Tournaments, Build Competitions, Games and Gatherings of any kind.

Server owners list events on the Events List, along with the date and time its set to start, a modpack or launcher download if applicable, and link to a “how to play” page. And players can sign up on the spot and receive an email notification when the event is about to start. Players looking for action at any time can browse the Event List for events starting and jump right in.


Posting this here to the Sponge community first before anywhere else to gather feedback from you guys as this is the place were all server admin’s are nowadays. Please let me know of any suggestions you guys may have :smile:


Looks very nice! :wink: Keep up the good work.

This is probably the best third-party services I have come across for Minecraft in general. I really want to see this released.

Seems very interesting. I have to admit that it’s a pretty original idea.
I like the way it’s laid out, at least sytem-wise. The visual aspect seems like it’s lacking something, not sure what it is exactly though.
Anyway, overall, an interesting project, would love to see it evolve.

If you ever need helping hands, I’d be more than happy to help.

This is SICK! Like i’ve got no words for it! One flaw though. When you register an account you only require to type in your password once. Please recreate it so you have to retype it for control.

Colour me impressed

Well, if @disconsented aproves, then I’ll get down off my soap-box; as it is impressive, whter it’s self promotion or not. Good job!

@Phaed your site says it can’t be displayed because of an internal error x(

EDIT: Ok now its just running very slow.

Awesome! Though it took a second to load at first, it looks very nice, and I really like the idea behind it! Will definitely use.

Minecraft is already cubed. :I

That spelling mistake in the title :smiley:

Omg, this is fucking awesome.

Also, I see a server type called “Incursion.” What does that mean ?

minecraftcubed.net should have a display box (on mouse hover) that elaborates further on the meaning of these words.

Also, I listed my server, but I am not able to search for it by the plugin EnchantView that it has ?

Respect mate! I think you’re aware of the error it gives when you try to change your profile settings.

Server broke! :frowning:

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