AmberMMO - Custom drops

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Modify drop table in your server with custom triggers and conditions.

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Tested on Sponge 7.1.5.

Document at


  • Customizable drop tables.
  • Dynamic value(chance, amount, etc) in drop tables.

With AmberMMO installed, you can:

  • drop certain things in certain period of time
  • drop items in certain region
  • drop different items for different player or permission groups
  • modify drop amount or chance for different player or permission groups
  • temperarily increase or decrease drop amount or chance


  • en_us language file and document
  • zh_cn language file and document

AmberMMO uses bStats to collect anonymous data, which can be disabled in config/bstats/config.conf. All data collected can be found at

A new version has been released for AmberMMO, it is available for download here.

An AmberMMO mmo plugin.