An extension of API to mods?

Mods added different things to MinecraftForge Games. Will anyone make a extension of SpongeAPI and uses mixin to inject sth. into mod files? Such as add Thaumcraft Golem as ProjectileSource…

I think Sponge will have native support for it, but don’t quote me on that.

Injecting into mods is a (really) bad idea. Instead, mod authors can easily add a SpongeAPI extention to their mods. It will be straightforward for mod authors to have a soft dependency on sponge (I hope) so it should be possible. Ask the mod authors to add compatibility.

But mods’ jars are for both client and server, and most of the time SpongeAPI is only used on servers. So, if you make mods have native support for them, this may make it difficult… I suppose to use Mixin.

No, making mixins targeting mods is more difficult than mods adding support for sponge, and is a non-intuitive way of doing it. Mod authors would prefer to add support themselves rather than have code injected into their code (I would assume).

I agree with that.

That’s exactly how I feel about code being injected into my mods. I’d rather support sponge.


Sponge is an forgemod that adapts the forge API in to the spongeAPI. Their is no reason to make sutch thing. If a mod uses the forge events correctly (what they mostly don’t do because the forge event bus lags to hard :cry:). Sponge plugins will be able to correctly catch events from moded items. If it comes to modification to forge mods their are other useful API’s.