[Answered] Questions about client mods, servers and more

So, I have a question that I couldn’t seem to find an answer about.
Will the Sponge server support full Forge features without any need of client modification?

An example: No plugins/mods for servers can currentlycreate custom model mobs without client modification - will this be possible in Sponge?

Is it possible to get a functional version of Sponge? I think it’s not, but I’m not sure.

its not likely considering that forge features involve modding of the game client to add new mechanics, textures and blocks. the vanilla game does not natively support that, therefore this remains impossible unless mojang decides otherwise (which is unlikely)

tl;dr not unless mojang lets us

currently the Development Team is in the process of making the API, which is what developers use in order to create the plugins you use for your server. this is different from what you want, which is the implementation of that api that functions as the actual server you can run. the API is planned to be release this november, but the first release of the implementation is as of now predicted to be released in the first quarter of 2015. this is not something thats final; it is merely a prediction and is likely to change during the course of development.

tl;dr not yet, maybe in early 2015

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Thanks for clearing it up to me!

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I’m sure that they were trying to make some changes to Forge to prevent client modification to some extent. Don’t quote me on this though :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Ah, got it.

But Forge doesn’t support unmodified vanilla clients?
At this time, yes, but LexManos has expressed plans in adding support for vanilla clients.