Apache libs

I need apache libs … how can get this import?

It looks like you are new to java or programming in general. I highly recommend learning to program in java before touching anything Minecraft related. On that note the #java and ##java channels on Esper and Freenode are great for java help. However in saying this it looks like this is for Bukkit in which case this is no an appropriate topic; if this is for Sponge then it still isn’t because Sponge is not ready to be developed. Wait until the first version of the implementation exists before attempting to develop for it

@Fucczilla can u be a bit more descriptive, I am unsure what your trying to do.

I am guessing your trying to setup a sponge in eclipse.
I recommend reading the:

Are you attempting to setup logging? You don’t need the Apache Libs, you can use the default Java ones. Here is what I do…
This works just fine, without any problems:

import java.util.logging.Logger;

And where you declare the game put this code in below it

Game game;
Logger logger;

And then use it! Example can be found below

 public void onServerStart(ServerStartingEvent event){
 logger.info("(c) Alex Webber 2014");

If you have any questions, just let me know! I am working on implementing a better documentation of Sponge and its API.

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