[API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution


Haha got to love applications and essays xD any bugs I find in the mod I'll make sure to let you know but it all seems to work perfect besides the command for creating handlers is actually /foxguard create flagset "name" simple


You might have noticed i've been slow the last few days. I've been putting off on my applications for a while now. Fortunately I have the best boyfriend ever, and he's been pushing me really hard to get them done.

In a few days, after they are out of the way, development will resume as normal.

Also, does

/foxguard create handler <name> simple

not work?

I left the "flagset" keyword in for posterity.


No that's what my y issue was yesterday. That command give me an unknown subcommand error so I have to use flagset


wut... how?

What command did you type?


I would try using /foxguard create handler spawn simple and it would throw me an error about the handler, so I typed /foxguard create flagset spawn simple for it to create the handler


what version are you using?


Most recent as of yesterday I was doing all this


Okay... that is bizarre. Do you have any error logs you could post?


Yeah once my remote desktop for my server stops being dumb I'll get you a screen shot and paste bin of console and in game error I get.


See it's working fine for me

Here's the list of aliases you SHOULD be able to use for handlers

{"handlers", "handler", "handles", "handle", "hands", "hand", "h", "flagsets", "flagset", "flags", "flag", "f"}

Feel free to take your time, I'll just be harassing my mate while I wait. :3


In Game Error
Also nothing in the console for an error.


Oh, you're on version 0.8.x

Version 0.9 was the one that introduced the rename.

I know cause the help text still says "flagset"

Version 0.9 also broke everything so be careful.


I'll just stick where I'm at for right now.. Lol. It works as is I'll wait for a good workable version afterwards. Currently using Polis for the spawn protection waiting for your documentation on flagset's for my Spawn, Drop Parties, and PvP controlling sections.


But but... you're missing out on new features xD

🔑 PermissionsEx v2.0 [API 5]

Yeah but... Breaking the world wouldn't be a good thing o.0 And you forced me to update this time xD I'm just not that into a map reset with a community of players getting mad at me lol.


Oh you misunderstood. When I said break everything. I meant in my own plugin. I don't touch world save files, so you're in the clear there. Just expect to have to redo the regions and handlers.

Ultimately if things go wrong, you can just go into your world files and delete all the folders with the name "foxguard" to reset everything.


Ah ok yeah I don't mind redoing some configs haha, I'll gladly keep it updated and testing out everything I can on my server for you and let you know any errors, Just ask Hassan


Ask Hassan what?


About my error reporting xD I think I've caused him 15 updates in two days..?


What i've noticed with my code is that it generally doesn't have issues.

But when it does...