[API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution


What operating system? Version of the sponge? Version FoxGuard? I had a similar behavior. In some cases, this was preceded by an incorrect shutdown of the server (power outage). In others, a slow disk subsystem on the computer (for example, in parallel with the operation of the server, running some intensive task). This is not always the case. It is difficult to reproduce.


Is redstone supported for protected regions? I've been having issues and I recall reading earlier in the thread about redstone circuits requiring block place permission to operate or something...

The problem is that simple stuff like a button attached directly to a dispenser / command block works, but more complex things like pistons and actual circuits tend to glitch out or not work at all. I suspect this is because FoxGuard isn't allowing block changes (e.g. piston extending, redstone dust changing states).


Have you tried allowing block modify for the default group (on top of the usual denied block break and block place flags)? It worked for me last time, as well as letting visitors use doors. Admittedly, the redstone testing was a bit limited. It still may not work with pistons.
EDIT: I'm tired, I may be hazy on the flags, Check the wiki.


Yep, added modify and post flags as allow for the default group, tried a simple test with a piston, and it didn't work. However, when I set place and break to allow for the default group the piston worked fine.
I'm guessing it's an issue with the way FoxGuard / Sponge handles block changes.

Edit: Yeah, some things like rs dust, repeaters, torches work as expected. Pistons, certain comparator circuits, certain dropper / dispenser circuits don't work (unless block change is allowed)


Can't imagine that you'll have any inclination to do this, but just to throw it out - set up a regex per region to deny certain words being said?

Useful to deny commands in certain areas - a feature I believe you likely may add ? :slight_smile: - and also acts as a chat filter as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I've been enjoying using this plugin on my server. Although I do have one issue. I have my spawn protected from players changing, breaking, and placing blocks. However they can still destroy armor stands and item frames and other entity like blocks. What flags do I need to set up so they can't do this as it can potentially ruin my server. Thanks!




I have a problem with the inventories, when I use a handler and I try to move something inside the inventory I can't, only when I'm an Owner.

*I'm using "foxguard-0.20.0-api4-335-plugin" and "foxcore-0.10.0-api4-187-server" with "spongeforge-1.8.9-1890-4.2.0-BETA-1762" *

Extra question: There are any form to do players can interact with buttons/levers but they can't use right click with, for example, wands of Thaumcraft?


Inventories do weird things involving entity flags. I'm not really sure how it works.

For your extra question, i don't think FoxGuard can make that distinction yet.


Okay so I need to say this. I'm going to be taking somewhat of a hiatus from this project for a short while.

College has been pretty tough, and I need to dig myself out of the hole that I've dug myself into.

I'll still be around and stuff, such as on IRC and discord and whatever, and I'll still throw code at FoxGuard when I can, but release cadence will slow down temporarily.

Sorry all, I'll try to keep people updated.


A lot of thanks ^^ I resolved the problem but still with some "bugs" with wands. Inventories works okay now too :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Good Luck with your studies :smiley:


@gravityfox, what is the practical application /fg wand counter?


I can answer that: It is a test item. All it does is advance the wand count every time it's used. It probably doesn't have any practical use, other than to act as a reminder that other neat wands are possible.


Hello here.

I just have a quick question. I am currently setuping FoxGuard for my server and i have a probleme with command's permission.

In the wiki, the permission for modifying region and handler seem to be "foxguard.command.modify.objects.modify", but if i give this permission to an user, he can modify all permission and handler of the server (like an administrator in fact), not only region and handler he made itself. It's impossible to restrict modification to handler and region a player own ?

Sorry if i am not clear, english is not my native language.


Hi !
i would like to protect my world so i have to do a global region and protect it. (sory for my english)
i don't know how to do it, i'm a noobe....

can u help me ?

EDIT : what is a handler ? :confused:


This is exactly correct. The counter wand was a test to see whether my internal wand api/system would correctly serialize and deserialize wands onto the itemstack's data. If it fails, the wand would not successfully increment.


There is a FoxGuard Wiki that explains much of this, although it is only available in English...

FoxGuard creates some regions automatically: the_slglobal region, which applies to everywhere on the server, and _wglobal regions, one for each world. So if you want to do things to a whole world (or the whole server) it's easily done: just link a handler to one of those.

The Handlers do most of the work. You can assign flags to groups in a handler, and that defines what players in that group are (or are not) allowed to do. Visitors will fall into the default group, unless you set it otherwise, so if (for example) you want to prevent them from doing anything with blocks, you can give that group block =deny. There's a lot more in the Wiki, see for yourself.


Hi !
I would like to add a group from permissionEX in a handler.
Is it possible or have i to add members one and one ?


As explained on Discord (but posted here for posterity), this can sort-of be done using a group handler... Just add the permission associated with the FoxGuard handler group to the PEX group you want to have those flags.


Anyone else having issues with their regions not saving? Or am I doing something wrong?