Are there any PacketLib plugins going on right now?

I was interested to look in to it :smile:.

Actually I already got something to work. I only need to fix my workspace to get it on github (FFff gradle)

I’d rather solve my problems through API than abusing packets.

Yeah, but some things need packets (Resource pack forcing, etc.)

Why would you do that???


fifty shades of grey needs custom resources man…

Changed their to there in topic title

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Me tho, but if you want a sign that says
"Hello <player>" when they join the server. Packets is sadly enough the way we need to go I think ;-;. Idk if sponge needs this. Thats why I made this thread lol.

So the lead has become a whipe ??

You’re forgetting that Sponge isn’t Bukkit. Sponge’s aim is to have an API for every vanilla in-game feature possible. This includes sign manipulation, title/subtitle manipulation, npc manipulation, etc.

Upon the full release, the hope is that the only time you’ll have to use anything besides Sponge, it’ll be Forge for client-side modifications.


Oke :smile:. Well I already have figured out how to get packet modifaction going. But indeeds lets hope that the full release of sponge won’t need this.

There’s still going to be a need for packet manipulation for things that aren’t going to be in the API.

Examples include:

  • Things which are actually bugs, such as animated MOTDs and (in 1.7) horse-holograms. These kinds of things don’t really belong in an API, but plugins still might want to use them.*
  • Credits Screen - this can be triggered through a packet, but probably won’t find its way into the API

Additionally, some plugins will need to work with packets not just to accomplish something that’s not in the API, but to achieve something more advanced that’s only possible with packet manipulation. (The 1.8/1.7 protocol hack, for example).


Fair enough. :smile:

I think my hope at least was to have the PacketLib plugin be doing officially, but still as a plugin/mod to avoid polluting the base API with extra, API overriding features. Although I don’t know if attitudes have shifted since then.

Actually I also would like to have that.