Are you interested?

Hello, best Sponge community,

I am a plugin developer from the old Bukkit community, and i was working on some very lightweight versions of existing plugins, such as Essentials and Multiverse. However, bukkit said goodbye and i abandoned the development. Because some amazing people started the Sponge project, i wondered if anyone is, or will be interested in these plugins when Sponge is finished. I would really like to get some feedback on this!

If there are any other interests, i would like to hear from you!

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There will always be someone in the server owner community who will need a plugin just like Essentials from Bukkit but on Sponge. If you’ll create a good one quickly then I see it being a success, good luck!

I also made my own core plugins, separated by function, with nice APIs for other plugins. Maybe we can work together?

@boformer I think it’s a good option to work together.