AreaShop for Sponge


Hey there. There used to be this awesome plugin for Bukkit based servers called AreaShop ( that would allow you to sell and rent off plots, I mainly used them at spawn for shop plots, and they kept the economy of the server going. Could someone perhaps make this for Sponge? It would be a great plugin for many servers, not just mine. Could it possibly integrate with GreifPrevention as well for claiming?


I think you are looking for something like this City [Claim] i hope this helps


That is for a different purpose and from what i can tell, only works chunk by chunk, which is not ideal for a shop plot plugin in all instances.

I would be very much interested in a plugin like AreaShop myself.


Hello guys, Iโ€™m the author of AreaShop, on this issue page I have described what it would take to bring AreaShop to Sponge (while still supporting Bukkit/Spigot). I know there is interest in using AreaShop on Sponge but currently I have not enough free time to take on such a large project. Last couple of months I already worked on organizing the code of AreaShop better, which helps with implementing Sponge support in the future.

If you are also interested in bringing AreaShop to Sponge please leave like on the issue so that I know there are more people interested.


Would really like to see this port! Iโ€™m setting up a โ€œMallโ€ for our players to sell stuff to other players but need a way to rent out the shops to players that want to have a shop.


Hey guys,

I used to use AreaShop on my 1.7.10 servers, but once I moved to Sponge I started using a Protection Plugin called Nations which has Zones (plots) which you can automaticly sell like AreaShop used to :slight_smile:

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