AreaShop for Sponge?


Hi guys !

I made this post cause I don’t find ANY plugin like AreaShop or SimpleRegionMarket for sponge… why ? :confused:

I mean, it’s a big plugin you know, like Essentials or something like that nop ? Why there is no alternative ?

I heard about GriefPrevention, UniverseGuard… but:

  • For UniverseGuard, the author is in a complete rework of it so u can’t sell regions for the moment ;

  • For GriefPrevention I just don’t understand how to change the flags of the global regions, and how to create small regions to sell…

If anyone can help me ? ^^

*Edit: thank’s in advance and as always, sorry for my english~


“Up” ?

I mean, Sponge has been started since 3 years ±, and what about Modded Roleplay servers ? How can they do without a plugin like SimpleRegionMarket or AreaShop ?


They probably have a custom build plugin especially for their needs.