ArmorHUD [v1.0] [API 3.0.0]


ArmorHUD is a plugin that provides on screen information of a player’s armor durability without the need for client modifications. Players may simply type /armorhud on to display their armor’s durability in a small HUD on the right side of their screen, and /armorhud off to turn it back off. The HUD features two other display modes for players to choose between: alert and auto. The first only shows armor in the HUD below 30% durability, and the second turns the HUD off automatically if the player is not wearing any armor.

ArmorHUD [v1.0] [API 3.0.0]
ArmorHUD [v0.1] [SpongeForge 941]

| Permission | Description |
| armorhud.use | Gives the player permission to use ArmorHUD |
| armorhud.reload | Gives the player permission to use the /armorhud reload command |

| Command | Description |
| /armorhud on | Activate the ArmorHUD |
| /armorhud off | Deactivate the ArmorHUD |
| /armorhud alert | Activate the ArmorHUD in Alert mode, only armor below 30% durability will show up |
| /armorhud auto | Activate the ArmorHUD in Automatic mode, the HUD will only show up if you are wearing any armor |
| /armorhud reload | Reloads both ArmorHUD config files. Operator status or armorhud.reload permission required for access to this command |


| Config option   | Parameters                   | Description                                                                                                                                         |
| permissions     | true/false                   | Set to true to use permissions. If set to false all players are automatically allowed to use ArmorHUD                                               |
| startup-mode    | off/on/alert/auto            | The default display mode for connecting players                                                                                                     |
| startup-message | true/false                   | This allows you to disable messages from ArmorHUD on player joins when you have ArmorHUD configured to start for connecting players (startup-mode)  |
| percentage      | true/false                   | Set this to true to display armor durability in percentages                                                                                         |
| fixed-position  | true/false                   | Set this to true to display the HUD values in a fixed position                                                                                      |
| blocked-worlds  | {"worldname1", "worldname2"} | ArmorHUD will be disabled for any worlds listed here                                                                                                |

###Language Config

| Helmet | [Custom helmet name] |
| Chest  | [Custom chest name]  |
| Legs   | [Custom legs name]   |
| Boots  | [Custom boots name]  |

Plugin showcase on YouTube (Bukkit version)

Any feedback is appreciated. Also, this is my first release for Sponge. So make sure to let me know if I overlooked anything or if something is not working.


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Updated for ArmorHUD [v1.0] [API 3.0.0].

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