AtherysTowns - A Towny-inspired land management plugin

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Welcome to the AtherysTowns Plugin!

AtherysTowns is a Sponge plugin inspired by Towny, intended to bring features of land management to players. You are able to create and manage a town with your friends and join up with others to form a nation. Refer to the wiki for helpful guides & documentation.




  1. Setup AtherysCore ( See )
  2. Setup AtherysChat ( drag-n-drop ) ( optional, since v1.3.4 )
  3. Setup AtherysParties ( drag-n-drop ) ( optional, since v1.3.4 )
  4. Setup a permission management plugin ( Recommended: Luck / LuckPerms )
  5. Drop and drop the AtherysTowns jar into your mods folder, and you’re all set!


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