⚛ Nexus v1.8.5b - Providing 100+ Essential Commands and Features


Im trying to limit the number of homes a person can have. Only thing i get from /home set 1 or 2 or 3 or w.e number is a actual set home.


The /give command from this plugin doesn't match the vanilla syntax.
Can you include the [data] and [dataTag] parameters? They are important for many items in Minecraft 1.8+.
Here is the issue I received about it, my Forge mod relies on /give for cheating in items.


There's just the nexus.home.set-unlimited permission which will allow users to set unlimited homes.
Care: this permission is also granted when giving users the nexus.home permission!


I see.. good suggestion! I'll add that to be ready in the next version :relaxed:


May I request the devs to add color code support? /broadcast seems to not be affected by colors, would just look better with colors rather than plain white.


Sure, thanks for the suggestions! I'll add that for/msg as well :wink:


Is it also possible to allow us to configure what the prefix of broadcast is? right now it's just yellow colored "Server: "


I'll add that as well :yum:


Is it possible to add a function to be completely invisible ("/invisible") for other players... even if you wear an armor... is that possible?


Sure thanks for suggesting it! Will be added in the next version :relaxed:


Nexus v1.7.9d has been released:

  • Added command /vanish [player]
  • Added permissions nexus.vanish , nexus.vanish-others, nexus.msg-color
  • Added argument [data] for /give and /i
  • Added color codes for /msg and /broadcast
  • Added config node in messages.conf to customize broadcast message

Download it here.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys! :wink:


Auto join option on channels players have permission for when they first join and a customizable message like "No one can hear you" if your in a local chat with no one in range would be super.

Also how do triggers work? I have l set for local, however /l is not a thing.


And is it possible to add a feature to get nicked...not only to have a nickname in the chat, also the name tag on top of a player should get the nickname and the tablist ????


Sure I'll add the autojoin function. :slight_smile: What goes for triggers: I will change the way they work within the next version :wink:


There is no real implementation to change a players name that way as the option for this is hidden in a players GameProfile which is read-only atm


Nexus v1.8.1a has been released:

  • Added permission nexus.channel.autojoin.<channel>
  • Added "No one hears you." when nobody is in range to receive your message.
  • Improved chat triggers. For more information see: Setting up chat channels


The strings and messages is translatable?


Currently not but I'll probably add that in the future :slight_smile:


Big Suggestion

Will you ever (consider to) start working with a plugin like Nucleus to make an all around essentials plugin? It would be nice to see that. Both your plugin and Nucleus (which looks like it will be awesome) are amazing plugins. Instead of remaking features that another plugin already has and create new features with more devs working on it. If you did work together you will make a plugin better then Essentials itself and maybe a combination of a few essential plugins that many people use.

I would really like to see that you can consider or that you are planning this.


Don't get me wrong.. I really like the idea behind Nucleus but it's just not the way I would do it. The way I did it is Nexus which is still under development and will provide even more features in the future.

Iam just not that much of a "teamwork" person :smile: And again, don't get me wrong: helping someone out or receiving help is something completely different.

Also this has been requested quite a few times before and I really don't know why everyone is asking me to join EssentialsCmds/Nucleus. You also don't ask someone who is creating a warp plugin to delete it just because there is something like Nexus/Nucleus/EssentialsCmds.

Besides that, thanks for the feedback! :relaxed:


My opinion is competition is healthy here. Competition allows for a plugin to evolve further and beyond what it may have originally intended, by competing for popularity, giving the developers something to strive for. Monopolizing creates an environment where there's less of a reason for a developer to give it their all, creating a "well it works" kind of attitude knowing there's nothing better to go up against. Not saying this is always the case but it certainly can be.

Also there are multiple ways to get to the same outcome. Some people may not like the way one plugin is presented, so they will go out looking for something else, still looking for similar features, but maybe something easier to manage, or more robust. This gives the people options, without the need to conform.

That's just the way I see it anyways, take what I say with a grain of salt


I'd also add that we have different philosophies to what an essentials plugin should do and how they should work as well. That's something well worth keeping in mind.