Autentication plugin

I have been looking for this plugin for a short time but I have not found anything that looks like it.

The idea is to be able to put the server in Offline mode without having to fear the theft of accounts.

Some features that I think might be in the plugin:

  • Automatic login for people with purchased Minecraft
  • MySQL and SQL
  • Skins visualization for people with purchased Minecraft
  • Password recovery by console

Few questions.

  • What do you mean by skin visualization for premium players?
  • Automatic login for premium accounts seems to defeat the purpose of the whole plugin.

You can’t really verify premium accounts. That’s rather the point of offline mode.

I don’t think you’re able to check if the player is premium without asking him the password, when you enable the offline mode you’re out of the authentication servers. (correct me if I’m wrong)
Maybe you can create another server that is online mode and that sends the players to the offline mode server skipping the login part

I think giving the possibility to those who have bought minecraft from not having to log in is a great extra because they bought the game itself

Fast Login In fact it is able to detect “paid accounts” and allows the visualization of skins, however I think it would be ideal that this could be applied to an authentication plugin.

Fast Login

If someone wants to spoof a premium account, would that not just let them bypass it? Or am I misunderstanding how this whole shadier part of the game

Something to note about Minecraft’s built-in login mechanism: When someone connects to a server, they only provide their username. Then the server tells them whether they have to prove their ownership of an account with Mojang or not. So you have to check using that alone whether to assume the client has bought the game or not.

You may also want to provide a mechanism for players who bought the game after playing on offline mode for a time to transfer their data to their real account. Which is hard, because it entails a change in UUID; the UUID is supposed to always stay the same.