Automatic Rankup Mod

Heya Sponges! I’m here to request a useful little gem that has already been made - but has been abandoned.
Automatic Rankup Mod.
We’ve had RankUpper and AutoRank, Both randomly resets the playertime of players. AutoRank more so than RankUpper. RankUpper has got some serious issues with the promotions however. With a (confirmed by mod author) correct config setup, a lot of PermissionsEX .json.tmp files are being created.

To cut it short. We need a RankUp plugin that works, and isn’t abandoned.

Thank you for reading.

I agree with you we really need one because my RankUpper doesn’t rank up anyone if he has the play time correct

Use LuckPerms instead

I have that used tho but it doesnt out them a rank higher while the common is Correctly