Automatic Server Icon changer possible?

Back from a long hiatus to ask another question.

An idea for my server was to have it so the Server Icon and MOTD would change on a daily basis with the MOTD having some relation with the Server Icon.

Anyways I was talking to a friend about the idea and he had told it is not possible for the server/plugins to shift around files like Server Icon, so I told him I’d come here for confirmation.

So, is it possible for a plugin to change the Server Icon?

Absolutely. In the ClientPingEvent, you can modify the Response with a Favicon of your choice, or stick with the default vanilla method.

It’S definitely possible. Minecrells awesome ServerListPlus supports randomly chosen favicons, but afaik SLP currently doesn’t support tying favicon and the displayed description together, let alone the change based upon time of the day.

I’m not sure if @minecrell wants to add these things, but you can always create an issue on github. Maybe you don’t need to code it yourself :wink:

Ha! I couldn’t code it for myself if I tried, Java doesn’t stick well with me for some reason. Anyways thanks for leading me in the direction to ever getting such a plugin made.