Autosaver - An autosaving plugin that can backup your worlds based on how many minutes you choose

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  • Saves worlds by zipping them on a regular basis and/or manually by commands


  • Asynchronous saving of the world in game
  • Autosaving based on the amount of minutes you specify
  • Manual world saving in game or console

Manual world save: /as_m
Reload plugin config from config file: /as_rl


Restoring world instructions:

  1. Choose the zip with the UNIX time that you want to use and extract the zip.
  2. Move the zip to world directory
  3. Delete old world
  4. Rename extracted zip to world name

A new version has been released for Autosaver, it is available for download here.

Initial release:
Has all the features described in the description.
This is a work in progress and my first plugin and any feedback would be helpful! Thank you.

I love this plugin!! it works just as described, I use it with every server I run!

Thanks! I’ll try this out within a month.

Hey I found something that maybe conflict the world backups.
In the zipped files all folder are renamed with “…”

I don’t know if this could corrupt the files or takes time for the admins to rename all files and folders again

//EDIT: After I copied the files from the .zip file to the SP world folder the “…” were gone and all was saved. Thanks for this Plugin, its working great!