Badge - Puts prefixes on peoples' heads

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Badge is a small plugin that puts prefixes on player names, both in chat and on the nametag above their heads. Ordinarily, most permission plugins would implement this, but if they don’t, then this plugin is for you.


prefixes[]: This tag holds all prefixes. Each prefix has two tags, name and display. name is how it’s represented in the permission node, as badge.prefix.<prefixname>. If the name has dots, they are converted to underscores. display is how it appears in-game, using the color code syntax.


This plugin will break most other plugins that depend on scoreboards, as scoreboards are the only way to add prefixes on heads. This may be fixed in the future.


1.0.0: Broke scoreboards.

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Is it possible to just have it color the player’s name above their head?

Just put a lone color code (I think, haven’t tested)

link 404’d for anyone else? this is why i hate ORE

Ore has not been officially released yet. The old instance was our staging site for testing but was never meant for production. We have taken it down now to prepare for a stable release. For now, you can post your plugin in the Plugin Releases section.

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is it possible to remove or disable the inchat prefix and only have the prefix above head option?

Not in this version

know you have a lot on your plate, didnt know if you had an update coming or not to remove chat prefixes :stuck_out_tongue:

How can I put different prefixes to players??

You give them the permission badge.prefix.<prefixname>.

Sorry for not replying, it must have missed my notification feed. This uses the vanilla mechanic of scoreboard prefixes, which show up both in chat and above the head. You cannot turn the chat one off without completely overriding chat (there are plugins for that).

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I’ve been trying to figure this out for a bit, now I have your plugin/mod installed, aswell my groups has the permission etc “badge.prefix.owner” and they should get that prefix before their head right? But nothing is happening, not when I do a reload of all plugins or restart the server.

I use LuckPerms for this, any idea what the problem would be? I’ve been through everything…

Server version? Config? Any relevant stack-traces?

I use SpongeForge 1.10.2, it’s a Pixelmon server.
API5.2 as you may know, done as I should but no progress.

Config? Any relevant stack-traces?

Do you have Discord or something? Quite new to these configs not sure what do you mean.

Configs. You know, configuration files? Located in the config/ directory? End with .conf? And I do have Discord but I prefer to keep issue requests to the forums or Github because other users may have the same issues.

prefixes = [
name = “elite”
display = “&8Elite &f”

Is the config given to me, now I’ve given the group “elite” the permission badge.prefix.elite

Any relevant stack-traces? I would really like to not have to keep repeating the same question.

I don’t knwo what that means “stack-traces”, pardon me