Battleground is a Minecraft combat session handling modification built on top of Sponge.

The modification can provide a developer with the necessary tools in order to create customized combat session mechanics easily, and simply. Battleground can save, load and store Arenas as well as Kits for use within customized sessions. This makes creating customized game sessions such as Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag or even The Hunger Games easier than ever before!

You’re able to follow the development progress on github.

If you have any suggestions then feel free to post them here as a reply to the thread or as an issue on the github repository.

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Was this inspired from WoW?

I don’t believe you bothered reading the description. It’s meant to be an API for handling in-game arenas and sessions. These sessions and arenas can contain any form of mechanics programmable within Minecraft.

EDIT: Now that I’ve re-read over the description, I do believe it to be a little to vague and I understand how you came to the question that you asked. My apologies.

I’d recommend exposing an API for things such as ArenaQueueEvent/ArenaJoinEvent, PlayerLoseEvent, TeamLoseEvent etc etc. Also I’m assuming each arena will track which player/entity is engaged in the arena, exposing this will allow plugins to support battlefield. I have a lot more suggestions although I’ll keep those until you get farther along with this.

I did read it, it was mostly the title and CTF :stuck_out_tongue: I have thought of something like this myself back in 1.6, it sounds awesome :smiley:

I’m always looking for people willing to contribute. If you’re interested that is…