Best anti grief plugin?


Hello everybody ! I search a plugin which permit create zone, (or region) with flag (pvp,build, mobs, etc...) .
Before i used Core plugin but this plugin isnt update/work since sponge update 834+
So can you help me to find the best plugin who can protect area ?
Thanks a lot !
(ps : i test foxguard but i dont understand how's work XD)

Have any piugin can Check destroy?

Here are a couple of work in progress plugins. I think foxgaurd is the only thing actually available right now, but there may be more floating around the forum. Considering the size of anti-grief plugins and the current status of Sponge, you probably aren't going to find much else atm.


Other then those two plugins that aren't able to be used right now, you have Polis which is being created by @HassanS6000. Which is always updated to the newest version of SpongeForge


My plugin has been rapidly approaching a releasable state. Although a large portion of the features are still missing, most of the critical ones are in place.

Also a link for convenience:

The releases are built against the bleeding edge SpongeAPI. You might get API incompatibilities.

Basically give it a shot on a test server. If it works properly there you should be fine.


Yes but this plugin is more for pvp /faction ^^

I understand but your command are very bizarre xD i test to create region and handler but i dont understand exactly what is handler and how it work x3

okay thanks all!

I gonna search more,you think if pore can run WorldGuard atm ? XD i dont test it since last update of pore :3


I don't think Pore works on SpongeForge 800+ builds or even 700+. Afaik WG won't work on Pore too... However WG is still being ported to Sponge.

I'd go with other plugins for now (CoreZones, Polis or Foxguard). If the Syntax of Foxguard confuses you, then @gravityfox has to improve his Docs and/or commands :stuck_out_tongue:


(My commands aren't that bizarre... :crying_cat_face: Just look at PermissionsEX...)

A quick rundown.

Regions are locations and areas that you define in your world. They do nothing on their own, but they are used to tell the rest of the plugin the locations you would like to do things with.

Handlers are the things that handle what happens when something happens in your world. They are linked to from Regions, so that when an event happens in a region it goes to the correct handler(s).

That's why the typical workflow goes:

  1. Define a Region
  2. Create and configure a Handler
  3. Link the two.

You can refer HERE for the full Quickstart tutorial and HERE for information about each command.

Also if you have specific questions, feel free to PM me.


ok i admit it XD

so handler = flags ? :c


Some handlers are flags.

For example, the SimpleHandler is a collection of flags.

There will be, however, handlers in the future that are not flags, but instead do different things. (Such as logging, running commands, etc.)

Follow the quickstart that i linked and you will have something to work with and play around with. I will have the documentation for the SimpleHandler done soon. I'll link it here when I do.

Actually wait. I did document it. Duh... LINK HERE


okay, i already test your plugin but i gonna retry with your help,
Cause before, simple /rg define name and /rg flag pvp deny and thats all for flag x)) but i test again with your advice thanks :wink: