Best protection plugin for Sponge Forge? *SOLVED*

EDIT: Nevermind! All of my files are in the correct version, I found out that I had the wrong file for Foxguard, woops. Now it works.

I have no idea if I’m posting this in the right place, I’m sorry if it’s in the wrong area.
For the longest time, I had an old 1.7.10 modded server, Minecraft is changing a lot now so I decided to finally update it.
So, I just made a Sponge forge server and finished transferring my old server worlds onto it.
The thing is…there isn’t a World Guard for Sponge, or at least not yet from what I heard.
I’ve found a lot of good Sponge plugins that are almost the same as the ones I had on the old server.
Now all I need is a protection plugin. If someone out there can tell me a good one, similar to World Guard, please let me know.

For now, don’t say Fox Guard…I tried it a while ago, and my server crashed, so I can’t use that one at the moment. If I can figure out how to get it to not crash the server, then I’ll use it.

Basically, I need something that I can set regions with, flags, etc. To prevent players and mobs from destroying my main lobby and other spawns, etc.
If it’s of any importance, I am using BungeeCord. The server is version 1.10.2 (until the mods I’m using update)

FoxGuard is actually the best one (IMO), and you’d be best off trying to get it to not crash instead of finding a different one.

I know, I heard a lot of good things about it, not sure why it kills my server though lol.
Until I can get it to work though, any similar plugin would work though, if you know of any.
I just need something to keep the hostile mobs away while I finish building.

You can also use either GriefPrevention or Polis to accomplish similar things.
All the same, I’d still recommend FoxGuard. If it crashes, you’re better off providing a crash report than complaining it doesn’t work - because it does work for a lot of other people, and the developer is pretty keen to fix bugs.

If you wish for something similar to WorldGuard only, then do not use Polis - it’s SafeZone system is not as expansive as say, GriefPrevention or FoxGuard. If you need a Towny-like plugin however, it is the most like it.


Update Java. Disable other plugins and mods.

Version SpongeForge correspond to Forge?



FoxGuard is used in conjunction with FoxCore.



In the latest version of FG there is an error, the @gravityfox fixed but not yet released a new version.

If that doesn’t work then inform the developer about the problem.

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Ended up passing out last night so I forgot to edit this thing, I finally got it working. XD
I had the correct versions of Spongeforge and forge, as well as Bungeecord. But my dumb butt had one of the wrong files for Foxguard lol I didn’t get to try it out last night, my good laptop was trashed by some jerk so the bad laptop I’m on now doesn’t handle it all too well. XD Gonna test it now and protect them spawns.

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