Best protection plugin?

The question:
What is the best permission plugin for sponge? (specifically SpongeForge)
The issue:
So, I am directing this question towards a general crowd of people because… well, I can’t decide for myself. I know that each permission plugin has their advantages, and disadvantages, but which plugin overall has the best…
The Qualifications:

  • management (how much can I do with it?)
  • flexibility (how many different scenarios can it be applied to?)
  • efficiency (how does it perform as far as CPU, RAM usage?)
  • effectivity (Can users work around permissions by exploiting bugs?)
  • usability (Is it possible for a noob server administrator to use it?)

I don’t want this post to go to crap due to people hating on other people’s work (99/100 of the developers do it for free after all). I want honest and respectful opinions, based off of your experiences with said people’s work.

Well I haven’t delved into it too far since our server is still in the beta stages, so I can’t answer all the qualifications. However, I would check out LuckPerms . This is the plugin my server group is delving into and it is user friendly with a well documented wiki. If you cannot find something on the wiki, from my experience the Author will kindly answer your queries if you cannot find a certain feature. It is very similar to Pex and from my experience, however easier to navigate.

I know this doesn’t supply much info, but nevertheless, hope this helps!


Sillyness aside, I maintain Foxguard, which can do a lot of world protection stuff.

I don’t know whether you’re looking for a protection plugin or a permissions plugin, because they aren’t the same thing, but for protection plugins, GriefPrevention, Polis, and RedProtect also come to mind, if FoxGuard is too complicated for you.

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I mean… I wasn’t looking for antigreif but…
Could I make a creative plot world with it? plot^2 is bugged and my server is suffering without a good working creative plot world plugin (I mean it suffered even before that, but that’s mainly my fault). I don’t necessarily need the setup part of it (like /plot setup, because that kinda goes up against the sole purpose of your plugin), I just want to be able to infinitely duplicate a plot that would be up for grabs.

hm… what does the fox say?
(oh dear lard save meh that was a terrible and ancient meme)

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