Bioms on a Sponge Linux-Server

Hi all,

first of all sorry if I’m wrong here or this question is already solved at an other place, but my english is not the best.

Hours of hours I’m searching for a solution how to switch the largeness of bioms at a Linux-Server similar to the Singleplayer-Worlds from 1-8.

Thanks for any help.


You talking Biomes O Plenty?

If you just want the “Large Biomes” generator, open and change level-type to LARGEBIOMES.

If you want the “Customized” generator:

  1. Open your Minecraft client.
  2. Go to Single Player > Create New World > More World Options > Change “World Type” to “Customized” > Customize.
  3. Set up your world settings here.
  4. Once you’re done, click “Presets”. Copy the value at the top of the screen. You can head back to the main menu now.
  5. Open Change level-type to CUSTOMIZED and paste the value from step 4 into generator-settings.
  6. Delete your current world (if you have it) and restart your server.
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