Black Beacons

Getting these black beacons across one of my worlds:

It seems to be more prominent for people using Optifine and it also shows up using only Forge installed.

SpongeForge 1.10.2 API 5.1.0 2026
Forge 2202

Could you provide the world as a download?

Bump still an issue

Did you ever provide your world download as Gabizou asked?

Yes still waiting for a reponse

Have you confirmed this is an issue with sponge? i.e it doesn’t happen if you remove sponge.

It happens with Forge without Sponge but not in vanilla MC, but it happend when Sponge was being used though, I sent the world to gab but haven’t gotten a response back yet.

It’s likely an issue with forge then if it happens without sponge. If possible you could update to 1.11.2 and see if it has been fixed.

Sorry for the long wait for a response, I haven’t been able to replicate the issue with sponge alone, even between 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 versions. I’m not sure what could’ve caused it from sponge since the visual effects aren’t reproducible on my end.

Did you load the world with with a local Forge server and fly around?