BlockHunt - Allows for the hiding of any block in config and in game which can found searched for by players. Comes with customizeab


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This plugin is no longer supported

General Information

  • Creates a BlockHunt Mini-Game
  • Any player with the permission can create a block that will mirror values to config as will as in game
  • That block’s rewards can be changed in game and even more configuration in the config
  • Once a player has found the block, they can use a command to claim it and they will receive the rewards
  • Block will be removed automatically from config and world


  • /blockhunt claim - [claims a block, gives reward, and removes from world and config]
  • /blockhunt broadcast - [Lists how many hidden blocks are in the world]
  • /blockhunt create - [Sets down user’s hand block]
  • /blockhunt delete - [Deletes a hidden block from world and config]
  • /blockhunt list - [Lists all hidden blocks]
  • /blockhunt reload
  • /blockhunt help

Permission Nodes

  • blockhunt.command.base
  • blockhunt.command.claim
  • blockhunt.command.create
  • blockhunt.command.delete
  • blockhunt.command.list
  • blockhunt.command.reload


Could you add an option to create permanent blocks and a claim cooldown per individual permanent blocks


Possibly in the future I can get a config option for keeping them permanent