Boilerplate for Plugins with API + Implementation

I’m working on a template for plugins consisting of an implementation and a separate API.

The template is making use of Gradle’s multiproject features. The project structure looks like this:

  • boilerplate
    • boilerplate-api
    • boilerplate-sponge

The template can easily be used to create your own plugins. You just have to rename a few folders and set some config values in the build file. Of course, you can also easily add a <...>-bukkit subproject for a Bukkit implementation of the plugin.

We moved the project to a separate GitHub organization for easier collaboration. More templates (e.g. for simple plugins) will be created soon!

Project members:

To help us, please report issues or submit pull requests on GitHub. The most engaged collaborators will be added to this list. :wink:

Project source:


  • Add more comments in the build files - done by @TBotV63
  • Add a README how to customize and use the template - done by @TBotV63

More Issues and Suggestions can be found here.


Yay!!! I love the fact that you are making use of Gradle btw :smiley:


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That sounds very interesting. Hope to see it completed soon…


@TBotV63 is now a part of the team!

We moved the boilerplate to a separate GitHub organization: You can now find it here:

Our next goal will be the creation of a setup script that customizes the template for you!


This thread is super quiet.

That’s true. Right now I’m not working on this (exams…).

One problem is that there is no decent Java installation wizard library.

Maybe I should focus on the 2 other templates…

Update: I created a simple template (without multiproject fun): GitHub - spbp/simple-boilerplate: Simple Template for Sponge Plugins

I also refactored the complex api-plugin-template.