Bounty Plugin

Hello, I am requesting to have a Bounty Plugin made for my upcoming server.

Here’s what I would like to have in the plugin.

/bountyset (player name) (amount) - this will start the bounty and annouce to all players but the person who has the bounty set on them.

/bountycancel (player name) - this will cancel the bounty and refund the bounty to who started the bounty.


/bountymax (#) - the amount of active bounties allowed at a time

/bountymessage - the ability to set a custom message such as, (player name) “has been misbehaving, come and get em for” (amount)

If you decide to create this plugin then thank you and you are welcome to add any additons you think are appropriate, leave any additional questions in the comments.

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This doesn’t sound that difficult to make.

We will most likely hold off on making it until the Econ service has finished being developed.


Would it be possible/easy to make this intergrate with any currency plugin or have a fallback like

/bountyset (player name) (item) (amount)

The economy service is to be implemented by all economic plugins; it will very easily conform to any economy plugin for Sponge assuming it implements that service like it should.

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Off topic, I’m loving how fast the replies are here

some of us stalk the forums more than others. -3-


Everyone’s used to IRC, and I’m willing to bet they transfer their experience of seeing a channel window light up and immediately go to respond.

I also have email notifications enabled for every post in every topic, which only serves to help the above ^



The newest Discourse update brought Desktop Notifications on topics that I’m “tracking”. Helps me reply faster.

But, mostly, it’s just noticing a new topic/unread message and checking it out.

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How do you enable that?

I dunno. It just asked me to, one day, in a popup.

I’m likely to write a bounty plugin that will have a few interesting features beyond the normal place bounty, such as:

  • bounty placement cooldowns
  • pvp-blocking region bypass
  • bounty expirations
  • bounty prize items (player heads)
  • leaderboards (eventually)

I’ll likely write something for this when an economy service is implemented and the proper events are implemented.


I have been working on one for a little bit, For now it has its own economy service until sponge implements their own. You can check up on it here you can download it now if you would like but Sponge Vanilla is unstable with Leaf Decay.
EDIT: SpongeVanilla is now stable :smile: