BreedEntityEvent deprecated without replacement?

Hi all.

I was looking to do something with the BreedEntityEvent when I noticed it was deprecated in API 7. As far as I can see, it does not have a replacement or alternative listed in the javadocs found here.

Does anyone know of a non-deprecated alternative or what will be replacing it?

These still all show as deprecated. I wonder if this is something that’ll be refactored later?

It is deprecated due to its name changing in API 8. Still use it for API 7. This is the comment that was put above the deprecated sign.

TODO Rename this to BreedingEvent in API 8 and remove InteractEntity

Base events will never be deprecated with the alternative being a nested event in that event due to how events work in sponge. The nested event fires yet any event listener that listens to any superclass of the event will be fired.

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