[Bukkit/Beta/Future Sponge Port] Wormholes - A new spin on teleportation and portals!

**Disclaimer:** *Before anyone tries to point it out, I am aware this is a bukkit plugin, however we did try to upload it to bukkitdev and we had some troubles with the staff. The plugin is just a proof of concept done on bukkit as sponge doesn't support everything necessary yet, and will be ported over to sponge later on when we feel that sponge is ready enough.*

Wormholes is a teleportation plugin designed by Me and @TBotV63 to rethink and change the way portals and teleportation work. We found portals to be a very well used system on many servers so we decided to try and find ways we could improve upon this system and possibly change how it works forever.

The idea behind wormholes was inspired by Cubehamster’s vanilla black hole concept:

While the plugin does not function in the same way (and probably won’t function the exact same way the concept does ever due to the intensiveness of the plugin) we tried to capture the idea and as many aspects of the concept as we can!

Right now the plugin is in a public beta state where you can mess around with it and test some of the features that are currently available. You can get it here.

If you would like to look at the source code you can find it here.

If you guys happen to find any bugs while messing with it, please submit it to the issue tracker. We hope you guys enjoy the plugin (and hopefully we will be able to get an offiical version out for sponge someday! :slight_smile: )

Special thanks to @redstoneDJ for the logo. (Thx m8)


Potato. I approve. I think. Anybody wanna throw some more stuff on my todolist? :anguished: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well this is one heck of an idea!

So what your proposing is, a player would be able to spawn wormholes (say, from a custom enderpearl), get sucked in (possibly along with their friends), and appear to shoot out of another wormhole that is spawned in another location in the world?

Somebody’s interested. :smile:

Not exactly, its primarily command based since its a plugin, however I don’t see a reason we couldn’t try adding that. (I might give it a try later myself. :wink: )

Great! Can’t wait for it to be released.

We are also having @The_Doctors_Life work on the website for the organization and project (so we don’t need ghetto download links later on)

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Oh, yay. Somebody is interested. Several days of doing nothing else paid off :smiley:

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My goodness, would this be awesome in combination with something like Heroes, KraftRPG etc :smiley:

That’s a neat looking wormhole ;D. Something I think this plugin wouldn’t be complete without is a survival-type implementation (aside from just calling wormholes with commands).

Hmmm. scribbles I think we can pull that off.

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While it would be a nice idea to add a survival way of doing that, I’m not too sure about this, as the more wormholes are in a close enough area to each other, the particles will get more choppy (because of the way MC handles particles) So chances are the idea is possible, but it might not be the best thing to do right now.

They’d only be temporary. Can’t have players create them by clicking a button. Also, to prevent lag I’d make it so you can’t create a new Wormhole until your last wormhole has closed. Anyway, I should be sleeping xD

Perhaps there could be a limit to the number of wormholes permitted within a certain radius? Or there could be a set behaviour for nearby wormholes (e.g. two wormholes might cancel each other out).

The first maybe, the second probably not gonna be a thing. The second still forces us to display both Wormholes to the player which is afaik the main source of lag. Also, periodic boundary checks could get quite heavy on the server.

EDIT: @DSH105, replies dun work on my phone.

Just gonna put this out there, but we won’t be working on officially supporting any survival based features until we are able to work on top of sponge since this is currently just a proof of concept. However feel free to continue suggesting features, if you can submit, them to the issue tracker too… :wink:

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I’ve tried making something like this, but it was more Portal-esque than wormholes. Same general concept though.

I found the client really doesn’t like too many particles, and they start flickering (didn’t bother looking too deeply yet) and it’s just really ugly. That’s why I gave up on it

Yeah we noticed the same thing, mainly because the client only likes to handle so many particles at the same time so it kills off some of the old ones. (Probably lag prevention I assume) That’s mainly why we originally planned to make it an administrative plugin only originally. Although if people want some sort of survival based implementation I might consider it if enough people want it.

This is awesome.


With our current amount of particles, there has so far been no flickering. But it is a balance thing. It’s trying to keep the amount of particles spawned as low as possible, without destroying the visuals.

This is awesome looking.