BukkitAlert for sponge

Can someone recreate the BukkitAlert addon for sponge??

Like if you want this too!


Any addon coder that can make this?

hmm I was actually thinking of making something like this, but web development isn’t my strongest point.

Its actually pretty easy:

I check it out tomorrow (If nobody is faster than me xD).

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Ok, I only know java, not web dev shit. Altough I can make something like a desktop program to do this, I would like a addon more.

It would be an ajax call using javascript/jquerry on web development. Its easy to make something that gives a notification. But making it look fancy would be the tricky part.

I’ll work on it when I get home.
Don’t expect it to be perfect though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice :smile:
I am happy if it works.

The META category is for discussing the forum/website as a whole. It is not for anything else. I am moving this topic to uhh… Sponge Discussion?

If I am not mistaken, BukkitAlert was a chrome extension that gave notifications when you received a notification on the Bukkit forums and a similar plugin would do the same here - meaning it applies to the website rather than the Sponge project.

I understand that. I still feel this is a better place for it where it can be discussed as a potential feature.

Its not that fancy but is this something you wanted? @Bammerbom

I still need to implement the notifications. But the unread count works :smile:.

Beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I was doubting about it, but I guessed Meta. :slight_smile:

Nice! Can I get it already?

I release this to the chrome store when its finished.

EDIT: Not finished, but I checked what i need to do to release this. And it seems I need to pay 5$ for that :no_good:.

It’s weird that you have to pay to put something online that YOU created. You did put “alot” of work into that and then you also have to pay. Stupid, They should pay you. Without people like you Chrome Add-On wouldn’t exist.

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I totaly agree, altough they need to moderate and host it etc.
If I was the owner of Chrome I would make it free.

Can I somehow still get the addon on my chrome?
EDIT: added the package by developer mode

Btw best description ever, only it has to be “something” and not “somethings”:
“Get alerts if somethings spongy happens”

Can you add popups on the way BukkitAlert did if something happens?

Still working on that :smile:. I am trying to get the notifactions good so you see. “You have revieved a badge” and thing like that.

Oh, lel here comes my dutchenglish.

xD, I quickly throw this together in a boring lesson xD.

I guess I might as well fork it and play around.

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I am dutch too :D, do you have skype?

BTW: Found a bug. If you got an alert and then read the alert (So it goes away on the site), the counter still shows 1.