Bukkits not back

So after browsing reddit for ages i thought i would check on the bukkit github. Surprise! No more DMCA takedown.

No it’s not. I dun goofed.

good job

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could you at least edit the thread title so it doesn’t mislead more people (I know replying to the thread ADDS to the mislead by showing the thread as being more popular than it should but I still think it’s better long term)

You’re so funny :’)

I bet he was browsing the bukkit repo not the craftbukkit one :wink:


Yeah, I’m an idiot


No, you aren’t, you just where a bit overexcited and wasn’t thinking. Think first than act :thumbsup:.
(2 weeks ago, I almost did the same you did)


@WetSponge and @thomas15v me too xD

Does anybody know how long the DMCA is stopping bukkit?

Until either of the following two things happen:

  1. Wolvereness takes back his DMCA claim, which he will not do because of the very same reasons he filed the DMCA claim in the first place.
  2. Dinnerbone (or whioever is working on Bukkit atm) removes all the code created by Wolvereness. Since that is roughly 1/3 of the Bukkit code, this will likely not happen either.

So the most likely option is that it will stop Bukkit forever.

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Thank you. I think the same. Bukkit is lost.

  1. If Minecraft would change his licence to an open-source licence that is compatible with GPL. craftbukkit would be good again. But ya I don’t think this EVER will happen. But its also a possibility.