Bungeecord and Sponge

I understand there is a VERY similar topic about this but I apologize for this but I found something missing.
But I saw that’s a little outdated and I didn’t see the mention of SpongeVanilla.

I saw that forge itself will be compatible with bungeecord and sponge being a mod for forge, it will handle sponge as it does other mods when sending to bungeecord.

  • Now with SpongeVanilla would you need to create or have already created compatibility with just SpongeVanilla?
  • If there will be compatibility then will the SpongeForge use forge’s compatibility while SpongeVanilla runs its own?
  • will SpongeForge handle Bungeecord different to allow bridges from Bungee plugin to Sponge plugins like in Bukkit (I hope you know what I mean) even with forge or will this just not be possible.
  • will you have to develop a plugin using a Sponge to Bungee bridge depending on which implementation of Sponge you are using because of SpongeForge using forge and SpongeVanilla without forge?
  • will plugins handle them differently or will the funtion be a part of Sponge and SpongeForge not having compatibility with Bungee just using Forge’s and SpongeVanilla having its own?

I understand this is probably hard to understand and I am sorry but I don’t know how else to word it.
Thanks for the help if you do understand and I would like some info please.

Sorry, i couldn’t resist <3 - Blue

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