Bungeecord + SpongeForge

I recently joined a vanilla network with several gamemodes. I’m trying to connect my Pixelmon server to the hub but when I log in with my 1.12.2 Forge profile to the hub, it gives me the message “Disconnecting Player: This server has mods that require FML/Forge to be installed on the client.” I’m able to log in using the same game profile when the server is not connected to Bungee so it isn’t a client issue.

I have bungeecord set to true and ip_forwarding set to true in the Sponge configs as well as online mode set to false. Is there something I’m missing? How can I make it so that I can get to my Pixelmon server from the hub using the /server command?

Hub is 1.13.2 with ProtocolSupport which adds backwards client support so I’m able to log in with a Forge client with all my 1.12.2 Pixelmon mods installed. The hub has to be 1.13.2 because one of the connected servers is SkyWars that runs on 1.13.2 Spigot so we need to allow 1.13.2 players to log in to the hub.
Pixelmon is 1.12.2 SpongeForge.

Any suggestions would be helpful. If you need any logs, just ask. I’m wary of posting them because it has a lot to do with IPs so I’ll only give them on request. The only settings I changed are the ones mentioned above.
Thanks in advance.

You can’t use Forge and IP forwarding at the same time with vanilla BungeeCord. Use Waterfall which is a fork of Bungee with a patch for that, or switch to something not Spigot-tainted like Velocity.

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Thank you! I never knew about Waterfall.