Buying Permissions (Command Shop)

Does anyone have a plugin where they could sell for example /pokeheal for 10k? Or commands like that in general? I’ve been looking for those types, but they all are bukkit, and I run a pixelmon server in sponge. If anyone has anything, let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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I’m also interested in such a plugin

So essentially a market exchange / auction plugin right?

i wouldnt call it an auction plugin and i dont know what you mean with market exchange

Does anyone know a plugin where this can be done?

So basically something like BossShop?

that what im looking for yes

Or you could attach a price to a command that grants you the permission?

Pretty sure you could wrangle something like that in Nucleus pretty easily using the alias commands.

Although the price may be restricted to specific commands I’m pretty sure if you post a suggestion that they’ll be able to open it up to any you configure in the alias.