Can I Register Client-Mod-Blocks and -Items on the Forge-Server using a Sponge-Plugin?

So my friend recently started to write Forge mods and made some nice custom Blocks.

We would like to use them on our Server once Sponge is ready but we would like to prevent using a Server Mod to register the Blocks so Vanilla clients can still join the server.
The idea is to notify players on the server to get the ModPack we will be using on the server, e.g. teleport them to a save location with signs or holos (holoapi or something) - or at least to change the kick message to refer to out HP

So as I’m lazy and and did’t find something in the API yet I’d ask if something like that is possible with Sponge and maybe how

You can change the kick message (may need a mod to do so)

Possibly just send a custom packet from your mod and handle that on the server? Something so that the server knows that this client is using the mod pack.

Of course anyone could add that packet to their client, so don’t expect to use this for security (ie preventing hackers).

Your missing the point, he’s asking if he can register blocks using forge with out a server mod.(not including sponge and plugins, duh)

Forge now supports Vanilla clients for 1.8 so there

@ButterDev but how does a vanilla client react to a modded server w/ custom blocks items?

afaik Forge rejects the connection

@disconsented thazs why we don want any servermods but sponge and add the blocks with a plugin if possible
packages are the choise here i guess

You will not be able to have vanilla client with modded content.

i thought about holding virtual blocks. on the server they could be e.g. bedrock but be sent as the custom block to every client with the mod

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I think i should make it clear what our concept is:

If you connect with Forge and an installed mod (eg. a Mod called NewMod.jar) to a Bukkit Server for example:
The Server lets you play,but you cant use the custom Blocks from “NewMod.jar”

If you connect with modded Forge-Client to modded Forge Server:
Same as above but now you CAN use the blocks added bx “NewMod.jar” (if Forgeserver uses this mod Serverside)
But Vanilla Clients can’t connect to this forge Server (they’ll get an DC)

So lets Say we have an Modded client (NewMod.jar) and a ForgeServer with Sponge(Coremod)
Vanilla clients can connect to the SpongeSever because Forge let’s them Pass.

Now we have and Sponge Plugin (Not a Forge Mod!) that waits for a sign from Client mod “NewMod.jar” like “Hello i’m NewMod.jar, i am installed and know how to handle custom Blocks”.
If that sign is received, The player will be ported to a Area where the new Blocks/Items/Whatever are used.

Goal of this:
We all know that Minecraft has lots of people who know NOTHING about what is a Mod, and How to install it.
And we don’t want to let them go only wit a "Disconnected from Server because "