Can't find the sponge plugin in need

hi i hope im at the good topic catagorie
im making a pixelmon server so im going to need sponge plugins instead of normal plugins
and im strugeling with finding a plugin that let me give a command to a player head so for example
when players will join my server the don’t get the choose your starter screen the get a tiny tutorial to get there items like running shoes and pokeballs the the go to the proffessor who has 3 pokeballs [playerheads]
when the player hits one of the 3 pokeballs [playerheads](all 3 get the same command) the command /starter @p and the will then get to the choose you’re starter screen and you can choose the pokemon you want can someone help me with this or give me a good website where i can find that stuff
thx in advance and greetings to you all