Cant use net.minecraft classes

I’m creating a 1.12.2 plugin, using Forge and Pixelmon, and I need to interact with some classes from the net.minecraft package, but I just can’t, it’s like the package didn’t exist inside my project. The forge is inside my libs folder and the net.minecraftforge package classes work normally, but the net.minecraft classes don’t seem to exist, I can’t access them, as well as their fields and methods. Can someone help me?


Hi. So while you said “forge is inside my libs folder”. Do you mean your not using a build tool such as maven or gradle? Meaning your just using the ides libs as external jars?

If so, its not recommended. But also, the forge jar does not contain any Minecraft code, that is downloaded when you first launch forge and its stored in a file called “minecraft_server.jar” in the same directory as forge. You need to add that as well