Change mob experience dropped

Is there a way to change the value of the experience that a mob will drop when killed?
I’ve tried this

e.getEntity().offer(Keys.TOTAL_EXPERIENCE, 100);

but the amount of exp i got, for example from a Cow, is the same as usual

That key is for players, not cows. What you need to do is modify the HarvestEntityEvent.

Ok, so i’ve done this

	public void onExperienceDrop(HarvestEntityEvent e) {
		System.out.println("EXP DROP");

But it did nothing, the print didn’t get called and also the cow still drops exp

Is it properly registered? If so, sounds like it’s not implemented yet.

Yes, i register it like this in the init

game.getEventManager().registerListeners(this, new EventExperienceDrop());

Use a SpawnEntityEvent event,

Check if it is of instance of XP:

List<Entity> entity = event.getEntities();
if((entity.get(0) instanceof ExperienceOrb)

That prevents XP from dropping, but it can’t modify the amount.